Happy Friday! It was a busy week but the weeknd is finally here! Let's get straight to my fave parts of the week:

1. Burn calories, not kilowatts. Yes, you should take the stairs. How can you tell my new place of work does healthy living research?
2. Studying for a 3pm neuro exam required a Starbucks to keep me focused all day. It was delish!
3. This week we have been cheering for the Cardinals... of course I had to wear my reds shoes to show my support.
4. Do you recognize this person?!? Yes, my parents made it to Louisiana! It was my mom's first trip to Whole Foods and now she knows why I love the store.
Since my parents are in town I will keep it short. We have lots of plans to eat seafood, go to the LSU football game, and see all the best parts of BTR! Have a great weeknd!


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  1. i'm linking up with jeannett of life rearranged. i'm thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along! IMG_1009. we had our friends from . cancer treatment


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