Happy Friday! We are on vacation right now so everyday feels like Friday. We spent the last 4 days in Clearwater, FL with family. Here's a recap of our vacay via Instagram... incase you do not follow me.

1. We were so excited when we made it to Florida! Then we had to drive for 7 more hours to Clearwater... a very long 7 hours.

2. We timed it perfectly that we ended up in Tallahassee at 2pm to use our treat receipts at Starbucks. Affagato style frappuccinos for both of us!

3. We only have gourmet snacks in the car: paprika salami, basil, and mozzarella!

4. We made it!

5. Sangria at Frenchy's? Yes please! I love that they brought the pitcher and three full glasses.

6. There was a great park with a walking path near the house so we walked every morning. It was hot but it felt good to start our day with exercise.

7. Another stop at Starbucks! I needed to use the Internet so we stopped at Starbucks for about an hour. This location was beautiful, had ample seating, and tons of plug ins for everyone who stopped by to get some work done. This location had a Clover. I had never heard of the machine so the baristas explained that it is like a personalized French press from a machine. They made me an iced coffee and it was AMAZING! We need a Clover machine in Baton Rouge. My coffee was caramelly and sweet. If you see one of these you need to try it. The downtown Clearwater was offering the specialty Cover drinks at the same price as brewed coffee so it was very affordable.

8. The Clearwater Threshers were in town so we decided to take in a game. We were a little too close to the field for my liking! Luckily, we were able to spend some time before the game at Frenchy's tiki bar in left field. Ladies drinks free during happy hour... plus it was yappy hour so lots of people brought their dog to the game! The game was not busy so they only had the basic food stands open but it looked as though they have a taco bar and a german sausage stand that opens during spring training. A rain delay made it a late night but we really enjoyed the experience.

9. Beach day! We walked, we ate a picnic lunch, and we swam. It was perfect.

10. Accessorize much? The 2 sunglasses were a bit excess but B decided it was a great place to store his shades.

11. Speaking of shades... B got new ones! We are calling them nerdy as he is too scared to be considered hip. I will take nerdy because this is a great nerdy.

12. Sneak peek! B's brother is very talented with his camera. After dinner the last night we were in Clearwater we jumped out of the car along the beach. The sun was setting so we figured we could get some amazing photos for our Christmas cards. Hopefully one turns out!

Happy Friday again! We are in Orlando this next week but I have lots to talk about so I hope to post everyday... after working out and shopping of course!


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