Happy Friday once again! This past week was busy with class, teaching, statistics, and work. I felt like this week was productive so I am happy to know Friday is here (sleep in time tomorrow!). Here's a few snippets of my week:

1. I have never been to In N Out Burger but last weekend the idea of eating a burger wrapped in lettuce seemed like an amazing idea. New I just need to go on a road trip to find one of these delicious looking creations!

2. On Thursday I dressed up for school. My students were working on group projects so I did not have to teach Zumba. It took me 20 minutes to decide what to wear... I guess that's what happens when I have options other than Lululemon.

3. Wine + Saturday night + a date

4. Are you ready for some football? The CFL is back in action and it is even easier to watch now that appleTV has an ESPN3 app. The Riders have been doing great so far thus season!

This weekend I need to finish a paper, work on my thesis, do a ton of laundry, get groceries, and work. It shall be a busy one. Only 2.5 weeks left of summer semester then off for a much needed 2 week vacation with B!


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