We made it through another week. This was a busy week but I still have lots to do this weekend (study, write a paper, work on my thesis results, & go to the pool). Hopefully the rain does not take away from the last thing on the list.

Here's a short recap of the week:

Whole Foods had 1/2 price quesadillas last weekend! Yes, we bought 6 for lunches this week. They were delish! We usually do not buy their pre-made food but this was such a great deal.

Study, study, study! Cadaver lab is fun... studying for identification exams takes up a ton of my time.

 I love Saturday morning poolside yoga at The Renaissance. What a great way to start my weekend.  This weekend is the last of the 8 week session.

Running is going good so far. By 9:30am today I will have completed week 3 which means I am jogging for 3 minutes at a time. Its really not as bad as I thought. What! Did I just say that?

Have a great weekend! If you need me I will be studying by the pool. Stay cool southern friends... it is supposed to be 36C/97F today!

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