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We went on a date on Saturday. Actually, we refuse to buy cable and wanted to watch the LSU baseball game so we knew we had to go out for dinner to a location with a TV. I really like this strategy because I feel like buying cable would not be a good use of money and its a good excuse to go out for dinner. After I went to yoga at The Renaissance Hotel on Saturday morning I was reminded of Tallulah crafted food & wine bar. They have a great atmosphere and delicious food so it was our location of choice. I went on their website and found out that Baton Rouge residents get 22.5% off on Saturday nights when they show their local ID. Score! 

We shared some wine, each had a cup of tomato, crawfish & artichoke soup, and shared an andouille sausage and olive pizza. The food was delicious and we had great service by the staff while sitting up at the bar.

It was a perfect date and ended with a win by LSU. We plan to go back on a Saturday night again soon.

P.S. I loved my pearls & stripes combo!

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