InstaFriday from abroad

It's been a busy trip so far. I surprised my mom on Wednesday after work (her reaction was priceless), then we ran errands and did some shopping on Thursday, surprised more family on Thursday night, and today we have more running around to do since both my mom and dad are home today! Here's a small recap this far:

1. My not so secret love affair with Taylor Hall continues. This shirt will be making the trip home.

2. We also went to Lululemon, of course! I have never been to the new store in Regina so it was an exciting event. The staff were amazing, the sale section was out of control... as was the final bag I carried home. Luckily I got lots on sale, we found a great birthday gift for B (okay he did get 2 things), and my R&D discount brought the total down even more! I may have to make another trip... if I have enough room in my suitcase. I only brought a large purse and a carry-on. At this rate I will be wearing 4 layers on top and bottom and 2 pairs of shoes on my way home!

3. We also went to the grocery store... because that is what my mom loves to do. She claimed we were going in for slivered almonds and poppyseed dressing. Yeah right. New you see where I get my love of grocery shopping.

4. My parents have a nutribullet. My mom loves to make smoothies every single morning. Today's had baby kale, broccoli, pineapple, mango, chia seeds, and vanilla protein powder! YUM! Hey B, I think we need a nutribullet.


This weekend: more family time, baking a birthday/ Mother's Day cake with my cousins, and anything else we feel like doing!

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