Happy Friday! I am so thankful it is the weekend. I need some time to relax for more than 15 minutes at a time. Only one more week of classes, 1 paper, 1 final, then semester break! Here's a couple photos I took this week:

1. The pool is my saving grace. I may read and do homework while I am there but it's a nice change of scenery. And it's quiet because all the locals still think it is cold outside. P.S. check out how dirty our pool is! I definitely have not gone in.

2. An amazing, quick weeknight meal that I need to share very soon. Maybe next week.

3. Mike the tiger! He was so close to us at the softball game last night. By the way, what an exciting game.

4. My fave outfit this week. I am obsessed with my new leopard Sperry sandals and stripes right now.


Have a great weekend. I have a final paper to work on, projects and assignments to grade, a little bit of work, maybe another softball game while catching rays on the berm, oh and a much needed massage on Sunday afternoon!


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