Knitting thoughts

Knitting is many things to me. A way to give someone a gift that is handmade. A diet strategy: my hands are busy so I do not snack. A way to feel productive while watching my fave shows.

We ran into friends on Friday night who we have not seen in seven months! Why do I know it has been that long? Well, I was shocked to see she is 7 months pregnant. They want to be surprised so they are not going to find out what they are having. I love to make gifts for new babies so I went straight to Pinterest for some inspiration since the gift must be gender neutral.

Maybe a baby blanket in gender neutral colors? A bunny outfit? Okay, the coffee cup cozies may be for me.
I think I may go for the blanket in a chunky knit! These color schemes may be the perfect inspiration!

I love learning, teaching, research, and healthy living... but knitting brings balance. Just a little balance is a good thing.

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