Happy Friday! It's been a busy week of Christmas everything! Christmas travels, Christmas food, & Christmas gifts! It's a great time of year, if you ask me. We spent the holiday with my in-laws this year... and we even convinced them to let us grill the turkey... and everyone was raving abut it for days. Success!

Here's some instas from this past week:

1. A rental car with satellite radio? Heck yes! I tortured B with Cosmo radio for a few hours. He secretly loved it. Luckily, we had a 12 hour trip so he got to listen to other stations too. But don't get me started on the gas mileage of the SUV when we requested a small car.

2. We went through Mississippi...

3. and Tennessee...

4. and Arkansas...

5. and Missouri.

6. I made this beautiful cowl from my Germany purchased yarn on the trip. I love it! I felt very productive to have it completed in 8 hours. But then what do I do for the last 4 hours of the trip?

7. ... then we finally made it to Illinois! Yes, that is what the signs says.

8. We played Settlers of Cattan (nerd alert) for hours... then again one game takes us over 2 hours!

9. A photo from our overseas flight I forgot to share. Thank you Air Canada for the delicious veggie lasagna, salad, and wine.

10. Some zen time with B at Panera.

11. Most amazing non-Christmas gift! B's aunt gave us an original Hudson Bay Company blanket. I screamed with excitement! What an amazing gift!

12. At the grocery store the day after Christmas they had already removed everything Christmas and were putting out Valentine's Day candy. Slow down world and enjoy the season!

Have a great weekend! We have more time in Illinois then a 12 hour trip back to Louisiana! See you next week for some pre-vacation blogging. Yes, another vacation!




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