Happy Friday... from Vegas! We had a long day of traveling... okay, not that long. Here's a summary of our past week:

1. More weekly fashion inspiration from J.Crew! I love this look even though I do not need a winter coat. 2. Check out my Meyer lemons! They are huge, yellow, and looking very edible. I hope to use a few to make Thanksgiving dessert for guests next weekend. 3. We have been loving pumpkin muffins these past few weeks. I find it funny that when I go to remove them from the muffin tin there are always 11... when I started with 13. I wonder where it went. 4. It's been chilly over night in The South lately! Brrr!

5. My life has become a bit more JOYful now that Starbucks has Joy tea again. I am obsessed! 6. One night for dinner we had Annie's Organic cheese pizza... it is one of our favorite frozen foods for a quick weeknight meal. 7. Before we did yardwork last weekend B picked from flowers from our front yard for me. 8. We were packed for Vegas by Wednesday night... and we did not leave until Friday at noon. I wonder if we were excited for our weekend getaway?


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