TGIF! Its been a busy and productive week! At first I thought I took a ton of photos on Instagram this week when I remembered I forgot to blog last Friday! So here's a recap of the last 2 weeks in photos:

 1. Check out our orange tree! The satsumas are delicious and make some amazing juice! 2. Check out the cute turtles suntanning by the lake! The wildlife at LSU lake is great to see everyday morning. 3. I made a trip to the LSU foundation for some Christmas gifts. Yes, I am almost done my Christmas shopping! 4. Satsumas and lavender tea... not together, but both delicious.

5. Just a date at Bin 77. We love the flatbread appetizers on the happy hour menu. 6. I decided to straighten my hair the other day. It sure is getting long! I forget it grows quicker down here. I think I am due for a trim. 7. Our first Christmas cups! Unfortunately, they do not have Joy tea yet... but soon! 8. A glass of New Zealand pinot noir... as recommended by a friend. It was a great recommendation.

 9. My J.Crew outfit of the day. I love my lime skirt with a cozy sweater. 10. The night I made artichoke olive ravoli with butternut squash sauce (and some cheese)... oh and a side of tomato, basil, mozzarella salad. It was fit for a president on election night! 11. This has been on my to-do list for a long time... since January... and I finally bit the bullet and got it done. My application went in to NBCOT. Lets all say a prayer they accept my application and I can work again as an OT south of the 49th parallel. Seriously, I need all the help I can get. Now all I can do is wait. 12. Some J.Crew inspiration one morning. I love the monochromatic green look!

13. Legit research: negative ads make people less likely to vote. Then why do they show so many negative ads on TV? 14. Some Little Cesar's to bribe me to work on my statistic paper. It is due Dec 5 but I want to get it done early. Now I just need to keep motivated. 15. Popcorn while we watch the presidential election outcomes. I used garlic, thyme, and lemon pepper as my seasoning. Yum! 16. Have you ever tried the Google flight search function? Brilliant! Thanks Google for making something so functional. If this is not new, please humor me and pretend like I taught you about something exciting!

Have a great weekend! Mine involves work, homework, relaxation, and hopefully finishing my stats paper! If I keep writing it down maybe it will finally get done!

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