Teriyaki salmon pizza

We had an exciting moment last week! I found out about this sale at Whole Foods!

We knew we would be having salmon on the weekend. We love this teriyaki salmon recipe so we knew we had to incorporate it into the plan. My family has been using this recipe for as long as I can remember. I don't really think I eat salmon at home any other way. We quickly decided on salmon pizza since I have an easy crust recipe and a new pizza stone for the BBQ!

fillet of salmon
1T evoo
fresh mozzarella
1t arrowroot powder
1T chives
1 avocado, sliced
2T plain greek yogurt
1/4c soft asiago, grated

Marinate salmon overnight with teriyaki sauce. Make pizza crust as per instructions, let rise, roll out. Top crust with evoo and fresh mozzarella. Cook salmon and crust (on pizza stone) on charcoal BBQ. While cooking, take remaining marinade and cook in a sauce pan, reduce, and thicken with arrowroot powder. Top pizza with cooked salmon, a drizzle of greek yogurt, chives, sliced avocado, grated soft asiago, and teriyaki reduction.

We served ours with a small side of mozza, tomato, and basil salad.

I would like to quote B: "this is the best pizza we have ever made." I agreed.

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