I cannot believe it is the end of July already! It has been a busy month for us! I wrote the GRE and got accepted into grad school with a full assistantship, B went to San Fran for work, we both went to Houston so I could attend a conference, we both worked lots, and have even had time to relax. The countdown is on. School officially starts August 20, I have lots of prep work to start teaching at the university, and we go to Boston next week! I am so excited to see our good friends, their 3 kids, go to the beach, and do some shopping. Back to school shopping anyone?

Back to the task at hand... random instagram photos taken this week!

1. Going over the Mississippi on our way to TX. I love this bridge. 2. Our wine at The Tasting Room. Delish. Well priced. Shared with someone I love. 3. At my reformer pilates workshop. Oh how I have missed you. I learned so many cool new ways to use the reformer. 4. With B at the wine bar on a wonderful date.

5. Driving past the bayou. Great to look at, probably would not want to take a swim. 6. J Crew, you have outdone yourself on this one. So many beautiful fall colors and patterns. 7. My oatmeal raisin cookie at SB had craisins, amazing! 8. A recent ootd. My new pink pants that were on sale at J Crew, a forest green cardi, a vintage pin, a cream tank, and bangles. It was a comfy combo that looked wonderful.

Have a wonderful weekend. We have some yardwork to do, packing for our trip aka doing laundry, some paperwork, I work, and maybe a date!


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