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This week was productive. I wrote my exam, got lots done around the house, worked, worked out, and had time to enjoy the nice weather!

1. This week I guess I decided to take note of what I was wearing. Lots of J Crew... some Lululemon... and my fave TOMS. These citrus shorts are my fave. 2. This was my 4th of July outfit with a blue chambray popover added indoors. 3. The official exam writing outfit: chambray popover, lulu capris, toms. Is my left foot bigger than my right?!? 4. Another denim shirt with another no2 pencil skirt.

I also ate tons of salads this week... you may have also seen them referred to as a salad beast... or a Hugh Jass salad. 5. Romaine, avocadio, kivi, chicken, blue cheese, evoo. 6. Romaine, tomato, avocado, chicken, kiwi, blue cheese, evoo. 7. Romaine, turkey, sauteed mushrooms, tomato, avocado, blue cheese, evoo. 8. Spinach, tomato, turkey, asian quinoa, blue cheese, evoo. Notice a trend? Obsessed with avocado. Need protein. Love blue cheese and evoo mixed as my dressing. Used up lots of random food in the fridge. Productive! Nothing goes to waste here!

9. Gas got down to $2.99/ gallon! Nuts! For you Canadian folks... that's 78.9 cents/ liter! I have not seen prices that low in ages. 10. Did you know ESPN3 picked up all CFL games! That means I can watch Canadian football in the South... our balls are bigger, the field is longer, and we only get 3 downs. Will Tiger fans get offended if I wear a Rider shirt? 11. The week prior to my GRE exam I spent my time studying, reviewing, drinking mistos from SB, and watching Nip Tuck. Newly obsessed with that show. Now I see why it was such a big deal. 12. Someone made a boo-boo at Whole Foods and I benefited. Someone accidentally priced the Annie's Organic pizza at $4.99 each (usually $9.99). I bought 5. Our fave is four cheese. Itis  a great option to have in the freezer for a night where you can no food or do not want to cook. It would probably go well with those salads I have been eating.

13. What happens when you have to work longer then expected? Sushi for lunch! 14. These pink flowers are blooming on the tree that arches over my front door. I love the vibrant color. This picture really does not do it any justice. 15. Mushrooms. For the salad. Need I say more? 16. B was away for work all week in San Francisco... of course I would not say anything until he was back... but the shopping trip might have been a good indicator that he was not here... back to the picture. He brought me a 1lb box of See's Lollypops. Don't worry, I have been sharing. Our southern friends have been loving these!

This week I will be busy working, planning some upcoming trips, going on a date with B, and doing lots of workouts... to work off those lollypops!

Have an amazing weekend!

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