For our first anniversary dinner, B and I went to Tsunami. We love sushi and used to have it frequently in Edmonton so it was nice to get back to an old tradition. We also had some great recommendations from friends! Conveniently, Tuesday nights have lots of drink specials and discounts on sushi rolls. We figured we could not go wrong being this close to the gulf... we were right!

The view from Tsunami is amazing. It is downtown Baton Rouge on the 6th floor of the Shaw Center for the Arts. They have a patio with a view of the river and lots of places to lounge. It was fun to take a moment to watch the boats on the river before starting dinner... even with the crazy wind!

We each had a couple drinks to celebrate and shared a couple amazing dishes:
combination tempura: mixed vegetables and shrimp tempura with tempura sauce
seaweed salad - our fave!
don tuan: cream cheese, tuna, crunchy shrimp, cucumber on inside, snowcrab and avocado on outside with spicy graham cracker served with kazan sauce and siracha
dynamite roll: diced tuna, yellowtail, fresh salmon, avocado, and spicy sauce
vegetable roll: cucumber, pickle dikon, avocado, yamagobo, kanpyo

atmosphere: check
food: check
service: check
It all ended with some cupcakes we picked up earlier in the day to eat in lieu of cake. Unfortunately, our cake is still in Canada in my parents deep freeze so we had to improvise!

We will definitely be back to Tsunami on future Tuesdays for some great eats and a great view. Anyone want to join us next time?

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