Its been a rainy week in the south. That means I have been spending more time inside... wait, I think I spent the last month inside hiding from the excessive heat and humidity. Atleast I have kept busy all week so it went by quick!

 1. Date night on Saturday included drinking wine and baking B's fave oatmeal cookies. It was a great combo. 2. One of my besties is pregnant. I have brought out the knitting to make something special. I am know for not getting baby gifts done... but this time I will. Maybe I need to make some toddler gifts for some other wonderful children I know too! 3. The flowers here amaze me. Every month a new flower appears where you would least expect it. This month: pink flowers all over lots of trees in our neighborhood. 5. My other bestie likes to show me her cats while we chat on FaceTime. I am stealth and take screen shots with my iPhone then instagram the pic. I was then told by someone that her cats are much cuter... little did she know it was her cat and I would giggling about it all week!

5. 99 cents for a small waffle cone at TCBY on Wednesdays. I choose orange sorbet and honey greek swirl. It was delish! 6. More garden tomatoes to complete my turkey and hummus wrap for lunch. 7. Studying is so much better when you can watch every single episode of Grey's Anatomy. I am really enjoying the Netflix and apple TV combo! 8. I attended day 1 of the semi annual sale at Victoria's Secret this week. It was nuts but I came home with some great finds!

This weekend we need to cut the grass when it stops raining. By we I mean B... the grass has been growing like crazy. I also work all weekend so that should keep me busy! Have a great weekend!

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