This week was a great week. We had a visitor on the weekend and visitors during the week! I am so excited for our new friends to move to town later this summer! 

 1. We has a weekend of foodie adventures with our weekend guest. He really like to see new places and will try anything. We went to Fat Cow and had an amazingly lean burgers... B ate my bacon. They had an innovative menu and delicious food which means we will be back! 2. We went to The Ritz... well just the lobby to cool off in NOLA, how sophisticated. 3. I am still obsessing over my organic margarita. It was delish... and I am still convinced it was good for me. 4. We finally made it to Magpie Cafe! I had a ham and cheese croissant and iced coffee. I really liked the food and atmosphere but the prices are a little steep IMO.

 5. I tried to take some photos of the rain on Wednesday. It poured! 6. I think this was the best photo I got. I think it shows the best representation of why I spent the day inside. 7. Though I like the monochromatic look of this one. 8. Then I went on the computer and saw that during this pouring rain they "expect dry conditions over the next 6 hours". Right.We really needed the rain, my garden will be much happier now.

9. A SB date. Our fave place for a morning pick me up. 10. We continued with the summer tradition of Whole Foods pizza on Thursday nights. For $9.99 you cannot go wrong! 11. What an exciting moment! Except it was forwarded to me where we already have a J Crew. It officially opened on Thursday! Edmonton friends... go check it out. You will not be sorry...okay you might be because you will love everything. I sure do! 12. A new blend exclusive to the USA. I could not tell if it was just a different blend repackaged or something new!

Chelseaism of the week: our weekend guest logged into his Netflix account on our Apple TV and said we can use it. B was of course watching Star Trek and they were talking about the cardassians. In total seriousness I asked, "Are the cardassians the same as Kim Kardashian?" Wow. You should google it...

Have an amazing weekend! We have the usual planned... study, work, yardwork, & eat delish food!


  1. cute pics!!! stoppin' by from life rearranged :) the coffee from sb looks yummylicious ;) will need to try it out! hope you have a blessed weekend!!!

  2. You take really great pictures. I'd swear they were from an ad! Have a super weekend!


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