Weekend eats

A typical weekend for us once again... yummy food, groceries, yardwork, and I worked. We also went to a great Greek party with delicious food and great people. Sorry, no photos from the party!

This weekend included:
 A salad with tomatoes from our garden (amazing!)... topped with mandrin olive oil (also amazing). The final salad was topped with some scallops I purchased on sale at  Whole foods!

 Grocery shopping at Whole Foods = lunch at Whole Foods! My fave combo is green juice and a turkey, fig, brie, and spring mix grilled sandwich.I love figs. Oh we also confirmed we have a fig tree in our backyard! I cannot wit until those are ready to eat.

Our Mother's Day without our moms dinner. Salad with mozza, kiwi, mango, and avocado. Pork, basil and pine nut sausages. Whole Foods brand chardonnay. For $3.99/ bottle is it surprisingly good.

I loved that our weekend was filled with productivity and lots of vegetables.

Back to my productive morning! I have lots to get done this week and want to do some killer workouts everyday.

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