Herb prep

We love cooking with herbs. Its a great way to add flavor without calories! We were lucky enough to inherit huge rosemary and oregano plants that were in our yard growing like crazy. I decided to harvest some of each to get the plants under control and to have some on hand for use.



I like to freeze mine as I feel it preserves the flavor best. All I do is remove the usable parts from the stems (less work when I want to use them), put them in labelled ziplock bags, press the air out, and throw them in the freezer. For the rosemary, I have a great recipe for rosemary meatballs on a stick, so I left 1" of sprigs at the end of each stick and froze those whole. When I get around to making the meatballs I can use the stem to hold three meatballs to change up the presentation! 

Anyone else have good ideas for preserving herbs? We have froze them with water in icecube trays in the past but I find they are soggy when you use them. I use this method with every type of herb I can get my hands on!

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