Welcome home

 After a long day of flying and an exceptionally pleasant time at customs, I made it! Seriously, they were very pleasant and I asked them more questions than they asked me... typical. It probably would have taken about 5 minutes but the 5 people ahead of me did not speak English. That was awkward at times.

 It was nice to make it so smoothly to Baton Rouge and have B there to greet me! My excess of luggage made it without any issues (okay, the box had seen better days) and it all fit in the rental car!

I spent the day yesterday unpacking all of our stuff. It was a very productive day.  Here is a quick shot of my fave corner of the house:

I love that I can display my Sophie dishes in an open cupboard for all to see!

Next on the list of things to do: buy a car, buy furniture, and hope it stops raining so I can do some work outside. Monsoon rains yesterday flooded 1/4 of the backyard and it soaked in already. I'll have to get used to the heavy rain... thank goodness for FaceTime and besties to keep me company during the storm!

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  1. I am coveting your cute Deters plastic glasses.


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