A short week = less photos. Here in Louisiana it was a three day week as Monday and Tuesday were holidays for B. Okay... and everyday is still a holiday for me but I like to pretend as though I deserve a stat holiday for two! 

 1. Family of ours gave us a subscription to Southern Living for Christmas. Our first magazine arrived this week. I loved that it was a color issue (it had some amazing color combinations!) and some great recipes... that may not be so healthy but I can always modify. For example, why do cheese biscuits need 1c shortening? I'll just keep my regular recipe or ask my mom for hers! 2. One of the buildings at LSU, taken as we walked through campus, on a beautiful day! 3. Mike the Tiger. I'm his #1 fan... from the other side of the fence. 4. Have you ever had petite petit? I am a huge fan of this wine. We had it when out to dinner at The Grape with some colleagues of B. The food was amazing. The chef even made us a special oyster appetizer then came out to chat with the group. He looks like he is 18 but really knows how to cook. If you come visit me, there is a strong chance you will be going here for dinner one night.

5. Another staple in the south... frozen yogurt. I wear this place has the highest frozen yogurt shops per capita. We love Yogurtland. I like my yogurt with fruit and gummy bears. 6. I bought silver sparkly TOMS in the summer for our trip to Paris. I am still in love with these shoes. It is because of the comfort or that they remind me of Paris? 7. The birds have flown south for the winter and they all live at my local lake. I love their color and that they just walk around like they are humans. Stopping to take a photo did not phase them one bit! 8. Best compliment this week = "your strawberry shortcake is as good as my grandmothers". And guess what... it does not include shortening! 

Have a great weekend! 

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