What's new?

What's new with me? Here is a bit of an update:

I am obsessed with my iPad. I learned how to rent ebooks from the library on it, I am now reading Mini-Shopaholic by Sohie Kinsella. Its an easy read but I am enjoying it. Also, I did not get a chance to watch The Bachelor, but I downloaded it and will be watching it this weekend! Lame? Yes. But I love the fashion.

To use up my free time I have been working out lots! Since I got back to Edmonton I have worked out with my personal trainer twice, went to hot yoga, walked for 45 minutes, and took a 60 minute reformer pilates class. Tonight? Hatha yoga to stretch out from my buns and abs workout this morning. The gym is so peaceful at 6am, definitely a big motivator for me. I went after work once and it was insane! Its sad that so many people make resolutions and only stick to them for 2-3 weeks (those are the people who need to be at the gym all year) but it is good to see the effort. Also, lots of workouts = the top knot. Love the top knot.

I am staying with a friend and trying not to take over her kitchen when I cook at night. Breakfast and lunch are simple as I make a protein shake to eat with a Lara bar when I get to work then I buy a sandwich or a salad. I also have carrots and white bean dip for snacks. Anyone have any dinner ideas for me? I have been trying to eat healthy on a budget for this meal, I hope to do a post about my choices/ strategies next week. 

Its been abnormally warm here. Yesterday set a record: +11.7C. It was warmer here than Gainesville, FL. 

Its almost the weekend! I plan to workout, knit, relax, visit with friends, and maybe do some shopping (but not buy anything as I do not have any room in my suitcases left)! 

Countdowns:  7 work days, 9 days in Edmonton, 6 yoga passes, 3 personal training sessions. Want to see me before I leave? Let me know! Or you could just send me a life update.


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