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I must admit, I have not always been obsessed with Apple products. Actually it would be a total coincidence that I appear to be obsessed. In October 2011, I received an email to my hotmail account where my first ever iPod nano was registered to. I have not used it in a long time as the battery would not hold a charge. Luckily, I still use my old email address for groupons, coupons, etc. The email I received stated: 

Of course, being my thrifty self, I called my mom who found the old nano in her desk drawer, and I filled out the paperwork online. Right before Christmas, my mom received the box to return the old nano, we packed it up, and dropped it off at the local UPS as the return postage was already paid. I was able to track the process of my return online, eventually saw my request was completed and they were sending me a new nano. Now of course, they did not tell me what generation of nano I would be receiving (I currently use a 4th generation) but I thought I would take my chances. Last Thursday a delivery arrived right after work, my new nano:

Heck yes! They send me the latest version of the nano with a touch screen! Thanks Apple!

 So really, I m not obsessed with Apple products, I just happen to have an iPad, an iPhone, and 3 iPods. Okay, I must confess, the iPad belongs to both B and I and he left me his iPod touch for my 8 hour roads trips as it has the best selection of music for the car. I may look obsessed, or maybe I am starting to be, but I just really like good quality products.

If you have Apple stocks (like B), your very welcome. I am glad to support your portfolio!

P.S. If you still have a first generation iPod nano, go check out if it qualifies for the replacement program. you may get a nice little surprise in the mail in a few months. Now to go fill it with music!

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