Faves of MTL: Notre Dame, Fairmount Bagels, & Garde Manger

 From my two trips to Montreal recently I have some faves to share with you. From every trip, I always have a few highlights. Sometimes I forget to share them (sorry about that) but this time I finally remembered to!

The Notre Dame of Montreal. What a beauty. I have been to ND's in Paris and Reims this past summer... so this is #3 in a year. I loved the stained glass, large organ, and the small chapel hidden in the back. I am also fascinated by ceilings in old buildings. There was some scaffolding up as they were doing repairs to prepare for their light and music show but it was still beautiful. On the other hand, have you ever been in a church and had adults talking around you in their outdoor voices? How rude! I think they need to come out with some church etiquette for tourists who do not appear as though they have ever been in a religious place before. Oh well. The sights were still worth the trip!

 Fairmount Bagels! Another one that was 2 metro trains and a 10 minute walk that was definitely worth the trip! Have you ever had Montreal style bagels? Soooooo much better than NY style (sorry American family).  They tend to be more dense and are cooked in a wood burning oven... no boiling required! They had tons of choices, but not much space to stand because there were lots of orders to pick up. I tried whole wheat and brought my parents 6 multigrain bagels. 

 Garde Manger. Wow. Have you ever heard of Chuck Hughes? This is one of his two restaurants in town. He has a show on the Food Network called Chuck's Day Off which I have always been a fan of. He was no where to be seen on a Tuesday night but the food made up for the lack of celebrity sighting. 

Want to know what I had? Of course you do! Let's put it this way, I wanted to marry Chuck after the first bite of my salad. Yes, it was that good. Unfortunately, I did not want to be the creepy girl eating along and using the flash on her camera. The photos did not turn out as well as I hoped but I will still share them!

A glass of cab sauv

Delish bread while I looked at the menu

You can't see it very well. The menu changes daily and it written around the restaurant on chalk boards... in English and French of course. 

 Tomato salad. What a tomato salad! It had arugula, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, dill, and fried cheddar cubes. 

Scallops with carrots, carrot butter and gnocchi. 

A rum cookie with whipped cream, fried bananas, caramel sauce, and crushed walnuts.

 Want to go here next time you are in Montreal? I'll give you a hint. Look for the pink square sign...  because there is no other sign to help you find it. 


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