I love to make things. Crafts are definitely my style. I also use my craftiness to fix things so I don't need to replace something that just needs a little TLC. I find these skills very convenient and cannot wait to use them more at our new home.

I have been busy mending some old clothes:

 Fixing the soles of my boots that got destroyed by the salty sidewalks on my first trip to MTL:

 And knitting, of course! I am obsessed with my gaptastic cowl. I also decided to make a send one that is shorter and thicker in variegated grey. Next up on my fave knitting needles: a cranberry colored cowl for my grandma!


This is the first year I have known months in advance what I want for my birthday! I must have lots of free time on hands right now. I would like a sewing machine and Hunter boots

Seems like a simple request to me.

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