Its the end of another week!
This week we have been very busy, packing, moving, eating out for every meal as we had no food left, and traveling!

1. My parents Christmas tree that I finished decorating when we arrived! 2. My chai latte from Transcend Coffee. So delicious. 3. As well as their pao de queilo (cheese buns). 4. And Strawberry lemonade from Red Robin.

Here are some of my fave Christmas ornaments! 5. My mom's angel pig. 6. A pic of my brother and I when we were small (I was 6.5 months). 7. My first ever Christmas ornament. 8. My high school graduation ornament. Its so  nice to have ornaments that mean something that you can look back on every year. I can't wait till B and I have a tree to do this!

See you next week!

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