Buttoned Scarf

I have been busy making some last minute Christmas gifts. I know people always love handmade originals and I have lots of yarn that I need to use up. Less yarn = less to move! A colleague of mine loves purple so I thought I would make her a purple scarf. I also wanted to make a versatile scarf that could be worn multiple ways.

bulky yarn of your choice
size 19 US bamboo needles
darning needle or crochet hook
1 large button & 1 large toggle

Row 1 - k2p2* repeat until end
Row 2 - p2k2* repeat until end
Row 3 - p2k2* repeat until end
Row 4 - k2p2* repeat until end

CO 26 stitches (using long tailed CO method)
follow pattern until desired length (I went through 1.25 balls of yarn)
bind off
tuck in ends
feed some leftover yarn through button holes (I doubled the yarn), tie basic macrame knots until approx 1.5" long, connect to toggle and tie off

By attaching the button to a toggle, it is never permanently fixed anywhere on the scarf. This adds versatility and interest as you could also use the toggle on the outside. I learned this little trick from a crafter at a Handmade Mafia (sorry, I can't remember who it was). I love this trick and think I will be incorporating it into projects more often.

Sorry for the bad lighting on the photos. I guess I should learn to check my photo quality before wrapping gifts.

Notice: this is a free pattern and it is for personal use only. you are not permitted to sell the pattern or anything resulting from the pattern.

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