As promised

For those of your who love mountains, national parks, and small amounts of snow... this is for  you. Yes, I know who you are and that you have been waiting all week to see these photos. Here is a glimpse (ok maybe slightly more than a glimpse...) of our trip to Banff last weekend.

 wine and candy!

I LOVE the Christmas Store!

 and The Bay! I am tempted to buy the popcorn just for the beautiful tin

 Did you know Beaver Tails is back? This was a staple growing up after a day of skiing at Lake Louise

 let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

 B waiting patiently at The Fudgery... while getting stared at by a bear...

  loved the wallpaper at The Fox

 as predicted, less than 1cm of snow overnight

 our view in the morning, I love the mountains

the heated pool at The Fox, its an underground cave

a final goodbye

We are not sure when we will make it to Banff again so it was nice to make a weekend trip.

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  1. Ahhh Banff. It's so beautiful! You took some great pictures : )


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