Push Yourself!

I got an email from Woman's Health this morning stating the following: 

Want to lose pounds fast and spend less time working out? It's possible—but only if you push your body to its absolute sweat-dripping, out-of-breath max. In other words, up the intensity. "Our experience of pain is connected to our perception of it," says Carrie Cheadle, a sport psychology consultant in Petaluma, California. "If you decide the pain is unbearable, your tolerance for it will be lower than if you think you can handle it." So give yourself a mental pep talk before you hop on the treadmill. Remind yourself of how strong and capable you are. After all, if women can endure bikini waxes, tattoos, and childbirth, you can survive a full-throttle workout.

Doesn't this quote make you want to go workout? What's your workout of choice? 

This weekend I plan to go to hot yoga, go for a walk outside, MAX'd out class and do a Bodyrock workout!


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